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American Ranger Gyroplane

American Ranger Gyroplane by Silverlight Aviation

We have a passion for adventure and particularly flying, so it it a happy extension of our business to include finance and insurance for aviation risks.

We work closely with industry partners to support the needs of aviators:

  • American Freedom Aviation in Cape Girardeau, Missouri – Center of Excellence in Gyroplane and Fixed Wing training.
  • Dr. Nicholas Ladas has been flying since 1973 and is internationally recognized in aviation related activities. He co-developed with Charles Robert Overbey, Jr. the Tactical Operations Parachute System (TOPS) adopted by both the military and intelligence communities of NATO. He has been an Associate Professor on the university level and has taught aviation since 1980. The following represent some of Dr. Ladas’ aviation related ratings:   CFI – Gyroplane

    Commercial – Gyroplane

    Private – Single Engine Airplane Land

    Instrument – Airplane

    Advanced Ground Instructor

    Repairman – Experimental Aircraft

    Ultralight Flight Instructor Examiner – EAA #1065 – Airplane Land & Sea, Powered Parachute

    Advanced Flight Instructor – USUA #A91964 – Airplane Land & Sea, Powered Parachute

    Advanced Flight Instructor – ASC #BFL004815 – Airplane Land & Sea, Powered Parachute

    Expert Parachutist – USPA #D-10617 – Parachutist, Regional Judge, National Judge

    Paragliding Pilot – USHGA #80771 – Unpowered Paragliding

    Open Water Instructor PADI #5271 – ParaSCUBA, Open Circuit, Closed Circuit, Mixed Gas

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Other Adventures will be supported in the future – like ATV’s, JetSki’s and Boats. Suggestions are welcome. Tell us what adventures you need help financing or insuring!